$1 Million Mega Millions Winner From St. Charles

Someone lucky bought a Mega Millions ticket in Saint Charles. A grocery store in Saint Charles sold a $1,000,000 winning Mega Millions ticket in the Feb. 6, drawing, according to a news release. The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at Jewel Osco, 652 Kirk Road, and matched all five numbers – 14 - 17 - 25 - 48 - 58 – to win the prize. The retailer will receive a bonus of $10,000, or one percent of the prize of amount, for selling the winning ticket, the release stated.

The Illinois Lottery urges the lucky winner to sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place until they visit one of the Illinois Lottery’s five Prize Centers in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights, the release stated. Winners have one year from the original drawing date to claim their prize. More than 13,900 players won prizes ranging from $2 to $10,000 in this Mega Millions drawing, the release stated. Mega Millions drawings are conducted weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. For more information, visit illinoislottery.com.

Why Was The Mega Millions Minimum Jackpot Raised From $15 Million To $40 Million?

Some would say "why ask questions when something this good happens?!" but lets take a look at the subject at hand and find out why exactly the jackpot and rules were changed last month. Up until not very long ago the minimum starting jackpot for the USA Mega Millions lottery was $15,000,000 and before that it was $5,000,000. The idea that it would go up to $40,000,000 was pretty much inconceivable up until just a few months ago.

Now that the rules have changed and so has the jackpot, you might want to know the reasons why this has happened. Well the reasons are pretty simple - there were not enough tickets being sold and not enough smaller prizes being given out, people were loosing interest.

So the rules changes which make it harder to win the jackpot but easier to win smaller prizes, will bring up ticket sales for those who are looking for a small prize which can get up to $1,000,000 for a 2nd tier win or $500 for a 5th tier win. The odds of winning the smaller prizes from $500 and less are actually pretty good. The rules that were changed made the odds of winning these prizes a little bit better.

The minimum jackpot which starts at a whopping $40,000,000 is also a big game changer. Although the new rules now also make it a little bit harder to win this prize than before, the larger minimum jackpot is also expected to bring up ticket sales and in return also bring up lotto revenues.

When more tickets are sold and there is a rollover, the jackpot also gets bigger due to revenue being put back into the prize pool. We saw this happen last year during the Powerball craze when in a matter of hours the estimated jackpot prize rose by hundreds of millions of dollars due to large increase of ticket sales prior to the draw, after the jackpot reached over $1 billion.

We will probably also witness these kinds of jackpots and lottery fevers in the near future with the Mega Millions lotto, now that the rules and the minimum jackpot prize have changed. Even now the jackpot has soared up to $176,000,000 after only just a small number of roll-overs and we may even be seeing a new Mega Millions record jackpot before the year is over.

The current record Mega Millions jackpot prize is $656 million, and that was back when the minimum jackpot was a lot less then it is today. We expect to be seeing new record being made, and soon.

Good Lottery Winner Stories From Around The World That Broke The Curse

The lottery is a popular game in numerous countries. It has been around for a long time and is responsible for changing the lives of lots of individuals in different parts of the world. With the boom in information technology, it became possible for people to play the lottery online by simply going to websites like Lottosend and no longer have to go to stores or gas stations to get their tickets. But, there are people who have also heard the lottery horror stories about winners who won it all and ended up losing it. From jail time to suicide to murder to bankruptcy, it seems as if lottery winners are cursed with bad luck or even bad judgment. 

Does this mean that you should stop playing the lottery? Luckily, lottery also has a sunnier side. Some winners have succeeded in using their winnings for doing great things and others have hired experts to help them in managing the cash they were lucky enough to win. Some of the good lottery winner stories that were successful in breaking the curse are:

Violet and Allen Large donated their entire winners 

In 2010, this Canadian couple had made headlines not just because they won $11.2 million in the lottery, but because they had chosen to give away most of their winnings. The pair won the jackpot in their 70s and they felt that there were lots of others out there who needed it more than them. First, the Larges helped their family with their finances and then they decided to donate the majority of their winnings to charitable organizations and hospitals. 

Christine and Colin Weir gave to children in need and their community 

This Scottish couple was known to splurge every now and then, but they have also given money to various causes over the years that moved them. In 2011, the couple won about $250 million and have made sizable donations to a promising young artist, a girl suffering from cerebral palsy and a child who needs a prosthetic limb. They also established the Weir Charitable Trust for contributing thousands of dollars to causes pertaining to their community and also gave away their house to a neighbor, who was a teenage mom. 

Louise White established a trust after hiring legal help 

If you play lottery online regularly at websites such as TheLotter, you will be told by people that if you win, you should always hire legal help to aid you in dealing with your winnings. This is exactly what eighty-one-year old Louise White did in 2012 when she won the Rhode Island Powerball lottery jackpot worth $336 million. She opted for a lump sum payment of $210 million and hired legal experts who assisted her in depositing the money in a trust. She named this trust after the sherbet she had purchased along her winning ticket.

Jim Dancy chose to give it all away

While he didn’t break any records when he claimed the prize of $10,000 in the Club Keno game of Michigan Lottery, Jim Dancy warmed a lot of hearts due to his decision of donating all he had won to Greater Kalamazoo United Way. 

Les Robins established a day camp for kids 

In 1993, Les Robins was lucky enough to win the jackpot that was about $111 million. At that time, this was the highest Powerball jackpot. Robins chose to use a major portion of his winnings for setting up a day camp for children and it is highly likely that it was his background as a teacher in middle school that drove him to do it. Even after 20 years, Camp Winnegator is still running successfully and continues to be open for children. 

Ed Nabors opted to go fishing 

When Ed Nabors claimed half of the $390 million prize, the former Georgia truck driver opted to take a very simple route as opposed to everyone else; he decided to call it a day and went fishing. 

Jim and Carolyn McCullar made plans for their future generations 

Half of a $380 million prize in the 2011 Mega Millions lottery went to a couple from a small town in Washington State, Jim and Carolyn McCullar. At that time, this was the second largest jackpot in the US history and they managed to claim half of it. They chose to take their winnings in stride. Rather than planning extravagant trips around the world that would have eaten up most of their money, the McCullars decided to use the money in a way that their future generations would be able to lead comfortable and good lives. 

All these stories show that lottery winners are not unlucky, as long as they don’t make decisions in a rush. Yes, winning the lottery is a huge thing. But, you have to think things through or else you will end up losing all your money. If you have chosen to participate in the lottery through websites like https://www.lottario.net/, the chances of you losing your ticket or having it stolen are almost next to nothing. You will have digital proof to show that the ticket belongs to you and will get instantly notified when you win. 

However, there are online scams that are ready to take advantage of people. A number of websites are solely designed for this purpose due to which you should only opt for reliable and trusted websites such as IceLotto. Always remember that any website asking you to pay something upfront to claim your award is only out to cheat you. Never hand out your personal and confidential information to unknown websites. 

Other than that, while the odds of you winning the lottery might not be in your favor, you can use good tips and strategies to increase your chances. Winners have shared their secrets online and you can read the information provided to know exactly how to make things go in your favor and you just might be lucky enough to win the jackpot.