Tips For Winning the Ny Mega Millions

Playing the lottery might be something you like to do as much as I do. We all know that the way they pick these numbers is completely random but I always wanted to try to get an edge.

What I found out is that some lottery number picking systems actually do increase your chances of winning. The only problem of course is that you only get a slight advantage. It's not like using some number picking scheme will automatically make you win every time.

So that's why I started this blog. I wanted to explore ways that you and I can improve our chances of winning one of the biggest lotteries out there the NY Mega Millions.

If I find a good number picking system I'll certainly post it here and I'll post things like who won the lottery, winning numbers, and all the usual stuff. I want this site to be your one stop shop for getting good lottery information.

So hopefully you enjoy my blog and find it useful. If you find something you like make sure to leave a comment on it so others can find it helpful to them.

Enjoy the blog.